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Are You Concerned Abour Your Current Investments?

We invite you to a FREE PRECIOUS METALS EDUCATION & INVESTMENT SEMINAR! We'll inform you about global economic trends and how they relate to the US & Precious Metals Markets.

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Need a promotion to raise cash for your organization or a way to put extra cash right in your pocket? Grand Valley Gold and Silver has some great options!

Promotion Opportunities


We Strive to Offer the Best Possible Price
for Gold and Silver!


1. Bring It To Us

Gather up your unwanted gold and silver and bring it to us for examination.

2. We Examine It

Our highly trained staff will examine your gold and silver to determine its true market value.

3. You Get Cash

We pay you for the items you wish to sell. You leave with CASH in hand!

We offer competitive rates for scrap gold and silver.

  We are a private, locally owned, licensed precious metals dealer, located just a few miles west of downtown Grand Rapids on the corner of Lake Michigan Drive and Wilson, and South of Grand Rapids on Kalamazoo Ave. in Gaines Township.  

 gold_coinsWe Buy Gold and Silver...

We buy your used and unwanted scrap gold and silver. Since we sell directly to the refinery, we pay competitive rates for your gold and silver.  We offer free evaluations to our customers and take pride in offering fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. redmore

us-gold-and-silverWe Sell Gold and Silver...

We sell a variety of Gold and Silver items right out of our Lake Michigan Drive and Kalamazoo Ave. showrooms. If you're looking for  US gold and silver coins or more hard to find items such as gold Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Gold Pandas, or even South African Gold Kruggerands, stop by our store to see what we currently have available. redmore  

goldPartyWe Host (or Show YOU How to Host) Gold Parties and Fundraisers...

Make some extra money by hosting a gold party or selling Lil Teammates collectible figurines, team flags, banners and other collectibles. redmore